Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bill Smith at PPOW

I wish I could see them move....

" These mechanized assemblages derive from natural laws and principles, such as chaos theory, fractal geometry and biomathematics. For Smith, these systems are the means by which to organize the larger world, as well as the basis for an artistic language that elucidates our appreciation of nature and its essential beauty.
Smith’s installation consists of multiple sculptural elements created out of natural and man-made found objects. His materials range from industrial supplies, like fine grade steel wires, to electrical and computer-controlled parts, up to and including glass beads, insect specimens and rare-earth magnets. His chandelier-like sculptures call to mind biomorphic structures such as jellyfish, viruses (magnified), or dandelion seeds, each then set in motion by the air flow of tiny fans or the viewer’s movements."

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