Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hope Gangloff

Hope Gangloff has a show opening this month at the Susan Inglett Gallery in New York City. I first encountered her drawings in pen in association with Sweet Action, porn for girls, and loved the use of simple black, blue and red pen. (Reminded me of those 4-colour Bic pens from high school.)

The bleary-eyed hipsters who populate Gangloff's drawings are inconsolable, possibly a bit incorrigable, but in all the right ways. (And not to worry, they have forgotten theirs in a whirlwind of late nights and romantic distractions.)


Sahara said...

Gee Margie, thank you so much! I will see her show.

It's funny. Sometimes when you are in the midst of eventful surroundings, you miss the inspirational, because of the media onslaught supporting the mediocre. It is when you are on the outside, away from the constant static, that the worthwhile shines through. This is why you are on my sidebar!

Hope you and James are well. Pet the sheep for me.

MB said...


I really must remember to check the comments.

Thanks for the kind words.

It is funny the tyranny of distance can work both ways.